ASA Competitions for 2015

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To read more about the ASA competitions to be held in 2015 please click on link below:


Cancelled Session

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Due to a Arena League Gala taking place on Saturday 8th November (warm up 5pm) the session at Garston (4:00-6:00) will be cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The session will return to normal on Saturday 15th November.

Llandudo Swim Camp 2014 – Day 4

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Well first things first:

Quiz Night Results:

4th Place – Team Power – aka Redemption      69.5

3rd Place – Team Cougar – aka If Carlsberg did quiz teams     71

2nd Place – Team Dragon – aka Shrek the Magic Dragon      77.5

1st Place – Team Cobra – aka Perculating Pectorals Touch’em   84.5

Great last day -  very hard session this morning, 4050 metres in a 90 minute session, followed by a walk in fantastic weather up the Orme to the Toboggan run, and a gala

ps.  success!!!  not lost a child to home  or managed to break anyone today.





Llandudno Swim Camp 2014 – Day 3

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Well one swimmer gone home tonight  – very sad with a fractured arm, Poor Libby Manning, so disappointed.  She was winning all girls in the running race and took a nasty tumble.

Other than the above, an uneventful day.  Two hard training sessions and one hard land work.

Team Dingle winning the internal competition, final event tomorrow.

Scores after 3  events:

Team Name:

Dingle                 36

Dongle                 21

Hulk                     31

Tom                     34



Llandudno Swim Camp 2014 Days 1 & 2

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After a journey of 3 trains and 1 bus ride everyone was pleased to see the Youth Hostel.

As usual a challenging first 24 hours while swimmers settle down, on the night of day 2, most kids settled into the lounge with a nice box of celebrations talking about the day.  A lot of ‘banter’ going on, and the Carus McDonald boys getting very close and friendly – been renamed ‘Chuckle Brothers’.

End of the first day training, and it seems to have tired the kids out.  A game of football which first game ended 4-1 and the second game  6-6, Dan saved a penalty taken by his brother that stopped them winning!!

Paul Kirk has won the bowling for the first time in history,  but it was a close call to the final bowl, with Emma and Maureen very close behind.


Calderstones – Cancelled Sessions

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Due to the majority of Teachers who run the sessions at Calderstones School being on a Swim Camp the following sessions on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th October have had to be cancelled.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Arena League – Round 2 Draw

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After Saturdays excellent result the draw for Round 2 has been made. We will swim in Leigh with a 5pm warm up on Saturday 8th November 2014.

Lane 1 – Stretford

Lane 2 – Dane Valley

Lane 3 – Lancaster City

Lane 4 – Biddulph

Lane 5 – Garston

Lane 6 – Romiley Marina

Out of the 18 teams in the division we are ranked joint first with Biddulph with Lancaster City 3rd so its going to be a very competitive gala.


New Competition Structure

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The ASA have released full details of their new competition structure for National, Regional and County, click on link below for further details.




Club Championships 2014

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The following attachments will give you all the details you will need to enter this years Club Championships. Everyone in Skill Development, Junior A and A Squad should enter.

Club Champs Details 2014     Programme of Events 2014     Competition Entry Form     Skill Dev Entry Form


Echo Cup Final Here We Come!!!!

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Listed below are all of the teams with their total points scored over the two rounds of this year’s competition with the top eight teams going forward to the Final on Saturday 25th October.

1, Southport S.C. (316pts + 251pts) = 567 points
2, Hoylake S.C. (282pts + 284pts) = 566 points
3, Everton S.A. (249pts + 273pts) = 522 points
4, Liverpool Penguin (221pts + 224pts) = 445 points
5, Halton S.C. (192pts + 242pts) = 434 points
6, Garston S.C. (211pts + 221pts) = 432 points
7, Ormskirk Otters (207pts + 215pts) = 422 points
8, Crosby S.C. (188pts + 232pts) = 420 points
9, Prescot S.C. 149pts + 180pts) = 329 points
10, Bebington S.C. 153pts + 164pts) = 317 points
11, Formby S.C. (163pts + 116pts) = 279 points
12, Birkenhead S.C. (141pts + 128pts) = 269 points
13, Bridgefield S.C. (101pts + 65pts) = 166points
14, Bootle & NL S.C. (95pts + 54pts) = 149 points

Well done to everyone involved, swimmers, coaches, poolside helpers and very vocal parents!!!